The Gentiana Development Network (GDN) is the supporting association of the school and has been registered as a non-governmental organization under Kenyan law since 2005. Chairman of the supporting association is Peter Baumgartner. The GDN is the direct contact of the Swiss association Gentiana Schools Nairobi and, according to Kenyan law, the owner of the Gentiana Schools.


Swiss Association Gentiana Schools Nairobi

The association acquires donations and guarantees the targeted use of the finances in Nairobi. It is made up of committed individuals who see supporting the schools in Nairobi as a meaningful development project. Donors are automatically members of the association. It is politically and denominationally neutral. The board meets several times a year to discuss strategy and financial needs. Every spring, the Board of Directors organizes a General Assembly at which, in addition to the statutory business, the members decide on the scope and direction of the Nairobi project.

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