Gentiana Kindergarden

For the youngest of the Gentiana, kindergarten is a very different world from the gray lines of tin huts Kawangwares, a colorful, caring, safe. They learn through play and discover abilities that can hardly develop in the confines of their tin dwellings.


Gentiana Primary School

Understanding instead of learning by heart, promoting the children's individual competencies, strengthening the knowledge of one's own dignity - these are the key points of teaching at Gentiana. This takes time, patience, and dedicated teachers. It's worth it. Gentiana is among the best elementary school in the district.


Gentiana Junior Secondary School

In the new Kenyan school structure, and thus also for the Gentiana, the three-year secondary school that follows the elementary school plays a central role. Equipped with laboratory, physics room, computer lab and workroom, it is a prerequisite for attending the next higher level, vocational schools, technical colleges and universities.

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