Gentiana Technical College

Many graduates of Gentiana schools prefer a trade profession. Because there is a lack of apprenticeship training according to the Swiss or German model and most vocational schools are not very good, Gentiana Schools opened an electrician school in January 2009, which is open to both young women and men.

The Stromers are coming

Why an electrician? The job prospects in this sector are good; moreover, relatively modest investments were necessary, and finally, the electrician school could easily be accommodated as a “silent trade” in a side wing of the Gentiana Primary School.

The apprenticeship lasts two years and is completed with a state diploma. Beyond pure technical knowledge, apprentices receive intensive training in bookkeeping and business management, English, as well as civics and labor law, in addition to comprehensive computer training.

All apprentices are equipped with a set of the most important tools at the beginning. Provided they pass the exam at the end of the second year of apprenticeship and have never been absent from class, they receive the tool, as a jump-start to starting their careers.

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